Tommy Bahama Lexington Home Brands

Economically market thousands of products using DYNALOG.

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Toyota Midwest Region

Increase car sales by 16.8% using DYNALOG and email marketing.

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Subaru Dealership in Cherry Hill NJ

Sell 48 cars in 60 days using DYNALOG.

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University of California Davis leverages

Use DYNALOG to impact both sales and brand presentation.

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Brandon Honda

Achieve $10 Cost per car sold using DYNALOG.

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The Dynalog keeps the customer engaged. The conversions are there!
Paul Farancio
The ecommerce conversion rate is more than double any other channel that we have.
Gerald Jones
Brigitewear International
We’ve had a 15% bump in our revenue because of
Emi Abou Wafia
Veseys Seeds Ltd
Any email that goes out from us says Click Here to View our Catalog. We are excited that this is interactive, can be changed very easily and shared with all of our customers. Because we are doing the Dynalog we are not going to be doing a printed version.
Emi Abou Wafia
Veseys Seeds Ltd
It was really easy for me to build the Dynalog. It was way faster than any other catalog I’ve ever dealt with in my life.
Katie Barnes
CAL Ranch Stores
I love the way that it also creates the upsell components by matching different accessories with some of the outfits that we have.” “from what we’ve seen is that it will increase our conversion rates.
Patrick Gates
We're able to engage consumers who find it a better experience than simply scrolling through a website.
Rich Shedrick
The Dynalog looks especially good on mobile devices. It is so flexible, we can change our Dynalog at any time. We are really happy to have it and are thinking of adding a 2nd one.
Janet Verdeguer
Perla Lichi Interior Design

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